Modified atmosphere preservation and vacuum preservation PK, who do you support?

2021-03-29 582 XINKAIHONG

According to market research, most foods on the market and in supermarkets are still packed with plastic wrap, and some of them are packed with raw meat in vacuum, while modified atmosphere packaging is less. What is the reason for this? It turns out that many people don't know much about modified atmosphere preservation, or even have never heard of it. It can be seen that the popularity of modified atmosphere packaging is low. Today, we will talk about the difference between vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging of raw meat.

The difference of packaging.

01 Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum packaging
Advantages of vacuum packaging:

1. Low equipment cost and convenient transportation.

2. It can be used in wet and dry conditions, and can keep a variety of foods fresh.

3. Extend the food preservation time.

Disadvantages of vacuum packaging:

1. The color of fresh meat after vacuum packaging is purple.

2. Transportation under freezing conditions requires thawing, and blood pollutes the environment.

3. The thawing process is long and time-consuming.

4. The shelf life is not obvious after vacuum packaging, so it can only be pushed in the freezer.

5. The color and packaging are not high-end, which affects the sales volume.

Advantages and disadvantages of modified atmosphere preservation

Advantages of modified atmosphere packaging:

1. Extend the food preservation time.

2. The color and taste will not change.

3. It can be used in wet and dry conditions, and can keep a variety of foods fresh.

4. For customers, they can see the detailed information on the package, which is traceable.

5. Open the packaging box without blood flowing out, which is very clean.

6. The whole packaging and transportation process has zero pollution.

7. Shelf arrangement is obvious, which has significantly improved sales.

8. Merchants can brand their own trademarks to improve their popularity.

Disadvantages of modified atmosphere packaging:

1. National awareness is not enough.

锁鲜Therefore, after the above comparison, we have a certain understanding of modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum packaging. Then, as an operator or a manufacturer, you can consider how to improve your sales and the popularity of your brand. As society progresses, we should also put aside the old ideas and make progress. Let the modified atmosphere go to the whole country or even the whole world. Let our food help us earn more income.


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